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Abstract Background

Our MuleSoft story is quite interesting

Our world-class engineers have led MuleSoft implementations across major government agencies. Octave’s past experience includes MuleSoft work at US federal government agencies, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Defense Health Agency (DHA), and the development of innovative healthcare accelerators for the company MuleSoft themselves.

Image by Robynne Hu

How we got started with MuleSoft

In support of one of our government customers, our team researched API management platforms and came across MuleSoft as an effective tool with full-lifecycle API capabilities and tons of data connectors. We chose to pilot with MuleSoft and that’s how our journey with MuleSoft began. FYI, MuleSoft has been named a leader of Full lifecycle API management by Gartner in recent times

Our MuleSoft practice

As our MuleSoft work expanded, we saw an opportunity to kickoff new client engagements and to scale existing operations with greater efficiency and so setup our MuleSoft practice. Our MuleSoft practice which is led by capable leaders has successfully accomplished the following goals for Octave and our clients:

  • Jumpstart new MuleSoft initiatives with hands-on technical support for developing solutions, reference architectures, data standards, security, and more

  • Establish a Center for Enablement (CoE) to govern the MuleSoft implementation and manage the stakeholders

  • Create a knowledge repository and promote industry best practices on APIs and system integrations

  • Quickly hire MuleSoft experts to address staffing needs

  • Develop prototypes and explore latest MuleSoft product offerings and industry-specific accelerators for real-world use cases

Image by Alexandre Debiève

Our MuleSoft work

Image by Farzad

We are proud of our work in the public sector and commercial industry, including but not limited to:

  • Successful MuleSoft implementations at multiple federal and state government agencies 

  • We helped the MuleSoft company (owned by Salesforce) develop new product accelerators for industry specific use cases such as healthcare and life sciences (HLS)

  • Support for various deployment models of the MuleSoft Anypoint platform including Private Cloud Edition (PCE) on-premise, CloudHub and Hybrid cloud

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