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Abstract Background

Salesforce Center of Excellence (CoE)

Digital business transformation and fast changing market conditions have accelerated the demand for low-code platforms such as Salesforce across many industries, but a lot of organizations are struggling with their implementation of these tools.

What is a Salesforce Center of Excellence (CoE)?

A successful Salesforce CoE aligns Salesforce adoption to the organizational goals, increases speed and consistency of implementation, and improves efficiency of operating the platform.

Our past experience includes Salesforce and MuleSoft implementations at multiple federal and state government agencies. We have also supported the Salesforce Corporation in developing innovative product accelerators for industry specific use cases such as healthcare and life sciences (HLS).

Octave's Capabilities with Salesforce CoE: We work with organizations of varying sizes from government and commercial sectors to support their Salesforce CoE. Below are some of our best practices for a CoE

  • Salesforce Expertise: Develop CRM roadmap and strategize Salesforce adoption in alignment with the organization's digital transformation goals

  • Cost efficiency: Optimize license usage, ensure efficient use of resources and promote reusability

  • Standards, Policies and Processes Optimized for that specific organization: Establish well defined processes for faster time to market of new apps, performance measurements and operations optimization. Adopt consistent policies on security, performance and quality

  • Communication: Establish forums for business owners to gain visibility into the Salesforce journey and to collaborate with the right Salesforce experts. Frequent updates via Newsletter or Website. User group meetings

MuleSoft Capabilities: Our MuleSoft practice which is led by capable leaders has successfully accomplished the following goals for our Clients

  • Jumpstart new MuleSoft initiatives with hands-on technical support for developing solutions, reference architectures, data standards, security, and more

  • Establish a Center for Enablement (CoE) to govern the MuleSoft implementation and manage the stakeholders

  • Create a knowledge repository and promote industry best practices on APIs and system integrations

  • Quickly hire MuleSoft experts to address staffing needs

  • Develop prototypes and explore latest MuleSoft product offerings and industry-specific accelerators for real-world use cases

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